Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reminder of Entry Requirements for 2011

I would just like to remind everyone of the entry requirements for all participants for this year's swim.

Firstly, you must be aged twelve years or older on the day of the swim to be eligible to enter. If you will be younger than eighteen years on the day of the swim and have entered online then you will need to complete the Parental Consent Form (available here) and return it ASAP. I would also like to stress the need for all participants, young and old, to be well prepared before getting into the water!

Also, because the swim is being insured by Swim Ireland, it is necessary that all participants are listed as "competitive" members of a Swim Ireland affiliated club. If you are unsure as to your membership status, please check with your club.

An exception to that rule, of course, applies to swimmers travelling from outside of Swim Ireland's jurisdiction. Such swimmers must be members of any club affiliated to the governing body of their country. For example, a swimmer travelling from England or Wales must be a member of the ASA in order to enter. When entering, these swimmers should enter the name of their governing body in place of the Swim Ireland number and enter their club name as they would normally do.

If anybody who wants to swim and is not a member of Swim Ireland, they can purchase summer membership if Sandycove Island Swim Club from Ned Denison at a cost of €15.00 for the season. Ned's e-mail address is for anyone that may need to contact him on this issue.

Unfortunately, membership of Triathlon Ireland does not cover you for the swim.

If anyone has any questions about the entry requirements or any other aspect of the swim please do not hesitate to contact me using any of the details below...

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